Name of establishment

Casa Algarve, Porches


A rambling treasure trove of pottery, tiles, tile murals, paintings, posters, souvenirs and general bric-a brac. The majority of the products are hand-made by independent artists and craftsmen, and come from the Algarve, the Alentejo and Coimbra.

Why do you like it?

It’s the sort of place you can just wander around at leisure, from one room to another and then in the outside courtyards, never quite sure what you might come across.

There’s no sales pressure, and it's wonderfully disorganised in quite a charming way. It’s nowhere near as pristine or as touristy as the nearby (and much more famous) Porches Pottery, but both have their merits for different reasons.

Insider knowledge

There are a lot of pottery outlets in Porches, and it’s worth visiting several, as designs (and prices) vary depending on the artists supplying the outlet.

Purchases will be packed carefully for taking with you, and if you’re a holidaymaker, it might even be worth enquiring about shipping - it’s unlikely you’ll get such good quality, or value, back home.


On the EN-125 - on the left hand side of the road just after the Porches roundabout if you are heading in the direction of Portimao. Look out for the striking, two-storey building - white and covered with tiles. Plenty of parking.

Price guide

From a few euros upwards. You can come away with a couple of small gifts, or find you have completely re-designed your house or garden in the process.


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