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Filsurf Surfing School

Name of company

Filsurf Surfing School

What type of activity is it?

Surf school based in the western Algarve, offering tuition to a wide range of ages and levels of expertise, from beginners to experienced surfers.

What makes it special?

The instruction - patient, practical, informative, non-patronising.

The locations - the Algarve has some of the best beaches in Europe, with ideal conditions for surfing.

The adrenaline factor - you get a real buzz and a sense of achievement, whatever level you’re at.

The company - relaxed, informal, and a great way to make new friends.

Where do you participate?

You meet at a central pick-up point in Lagos, and are then taken to the selected beach in the company minibus. If it’s more convenient, you can follow the bus, or meet them at the beach.


Maximum of 8 students for group lessons (per instructor).

Maximum of 3 students for private lessons (per instructor).

You can book either on your own, with a friend, or make up your own group.

Who will enjoy it?

Anybody from teens to active greys. You don’t have to be super-athletic or sporty, just reasonably physically fit and able to swim. If you don’t like beaches, sun, sand, water, wind, or messing you hair up - avoid!

It can be great fun however, even if you only ever do it once. Go with an open mind and a sense of humour. Be prepared for the occasional bump and bruise, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself when you fall off. You will!

NB: There are also special Kids Academies for children aged six and over. Ask for details.

The format/timings

Meet at around 10am

Transfer to the beach (10-40 minutes, depending on the choice of beach)

First 1.5 hour surf lesson

1 hour break for lunch

Second 1.5 hour surf lesson

Return to Lagos approx 4pm

What’s included?

Surf tuition

Return transfers

Soft top board and wetsuit for the day

Sports insurance

Picnic lunch

What should you bring with you?

Swimwear to go under your wetsuit.

The usual beach accompaniments - towel, hat, sunscreen, water.

The instruction

Surf lessons cover everything from basic beginner skills in paddling and turning, to reef surfing and advanced manoeuvres.

For beginners, you start on the beach with some theory, followed by warm-up/stretching exercises, getting familiar with your board, and some basic safety rules. The instruction then continues in the water.

On a one-day course, you’ll get a real feel for the sport, and will be able to at least ride in on the waves lying prone whilst paddling. By day two or three, you should be able to stand up, however briefly!

If you’re already a reasonably good surfer, you can still benefit from picking up tips from the professionals.

Things to remember

You can get the hang of things (and be hooked!) fairly quickly. But it takes a lot of time, effort and patience to be good at it.

The water can be cold, but the wetsuits are superb, and you won’t notice it. And on a sunny day you can always dry off/warm up on the beach once you finish.

The instructor is always right. Listen to him/her, especially when safety (yours and other people’s) is concerned.

The sea is always stronger than you. Use it. Don’t fight it.

Plan your toilet breaks - there are no zippers in wetsuits!

When to go?

Filsurf operates year-round, on a variety of beaches, depending on conditions.

If you’re in the Algarve on holiday of course, you will obviously book a one-day lesson or short course at your convenience.

If you’re coming especially for the surf, the best swells come in late winter and early spring.

Food options

The picnic provided is probably the only disappointment - a sandwich, a banana, a snack bar and a bottle of water. If you need more to keep you going, take your own food. You’ll find most of the beaches used however also have a beach bar.

Insider knowledge

Filsurf is affiliated to the Portuguese Surf Federation and the company’s instructors are fully accredited and trained in all disciplines of surfing and water safety.

If you’re on a surfing holiday, the company also hires out boards and wetsuits, and has surf accommodation in a series of apartments close to the beach in Praia da Luz. See the website for details and prices.


The company is based in Lagos, and offers lessons on a range of beaches throughout the south-western and western Algarve. The choice of beach will often depend on the surf and weather conditions, and can change at short notice.


1 day lesson - €50

2 day lesson - €95

3 day Basic Course - €135

5 day Gold Course - €200

Extra day - €40

Beach transfer (for non-surfers) - €25

Private lessons (per person) - €70




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