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Home / Reviews / Play / Wellness & Beauty /Guida Vieira Massage Therapy

Guida Vieira Massage Therapy

Name of company

Guida Vieira Massage Therapy

Type of activity

A blend of shiatsu, ayurvedic and therapeutic massage, tailored to your requirements. Guida also practices reconnective healing.


Lagos: you can book an appointment at Guida’s home studio.

About Guida

Having had a lifelong interest in physical education, alternative health therapies, martial arts and active meditation, Guida switched careers from her job in sports retail to fully re-train as a massage therapist. She has internationally-recognised qualifications in all the therapies she now practices, and has developed her own massage system, connecting shiatsu, ayurvedic and more traditional massage, pulling what she feels to be the best from each. “Add some reiki to the mix,” she explains “and you get what I like to call my special cocktail.”

The therapies

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of soft tissues, which maintains and restores the body’s natural balance. Among its advantages are maintaining joint mobility, reducing inflammation of fibres, increasing blood supply, improving muscular tone, minimising body fatigue, improving circulation and the lymphatic system, stimulating sensory nerve endings, slowing respiratory rate and improving the texture of the skin.

Ayurvedic massage is a set of holistic massage techniques that leads to a proper integration, balance and dynamic interchange between body and mind. It helps to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and mental tension.

Shiatsu is a therapy to balance your body physically and energetically, using the pressure of hands, palms and fingers.

Reconnective healing is a fairly complex process, probably best described in layman’s terms as a form of ‘hands-off’ reiki. It utilises alignment, balance and harmony to help you achieve a more optimal state of health, wholeness and vitality.

Why do you like it?

Guida has a very gentle, calming manner, and will put you at ease straight away, finding out more about you and tailoring the treatments to what she thinks will help, and what you will feel comfortable with.

This is neither a gentle, moisturising, aromatherapy-style massage, nor a fierce bone-cruncher, but probably somewhere in between, with Guida getting the balance just right between pleasure and ‘pain’ (not quite the right word, you understand, but you get the meaning!). And don’t be fooled by her trim frame - she has very strong hands!

You will soon start to relax and enjoy the experience however, although as with some of the more gentler massages you may have had in the past, it’s unlikely you’ll fall asleep, as Guida will from time to time ask questions to make sure a) you are comfortable and not in any pain or discomfort and b) to find out further ways in which she can help.

Insider knowledge

You don’t necessarily need to go and see Guida sim0ply because you have a perceived problem or complaint. Sometimes, a massage session can simply be a pleasurable way of relaxing, and stopping the world for a while.

Above all, don’t rush, or try to squeeze a session into a hectic schedule. Arrive in good time, enjoy the experience, and take the opportunity to relax afterwards, to achieve the maximum benefit.


Treatments can range from 30 minutes (for head and face) to 45 minutes (for feet and legs, or for back, neck and shoulders) up to 90 minutes for a full body massage.

Prices range accordingly, from €20-€70.

She also offers vouchers if you would like to give a massage as a gift.



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