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Marisol Sea Salt

Name of product

Flor de Sal and Sal Tradicional

What is it?

Flor de Sal are the salt crystals that float on top of the water in open air salt tanks. Sal Tradicional is the salt that is left when the sea water evaporates.

Who produces it?


Where is it produced?


How is it produced?

From traditional salterns in the Ria Formosa and Sapal do Castro Marim nature reserves. Hand-harvested and sun-dried with no machines. The salt is derived simply from evaporation by the sun and the wind.

What makes it special?

Highly prized in culinary circles, it’s a soft waxy salt that has all the minerals from the sea - especially magnesium and calcium - as it is 100% natural.

How/where would you use it?

For the Flor de Sal, sprinkle over anything after cooking to lift the flavours - for example carpaccios, steaks, fish, etc. It is in essence a finishing salt.

Sal Tradicional is for cooking, curing and grinding, for a more intense flavour.

Insider knowledge

The techniques used in Tavira go back thousands of years, to the Phoenicians.

Marisol is always trying to bring new things to the market such as Korean aged black garlic, dried octopus egg sacks and various spices, especially those used in several long-forgotten Algarvian recipes .

How much does it cost?

Flor de Sal 100g bag €2

250g bag €3.80

500g bag €7.20

Porcelain pots from €9.90

Where is it available to buy?

Online, or from a variety of specialised outlets across the Algarve.



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