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Skydive Algarve

Name of company

Skydive Algarve

Type of activity


The basics

Throwing yourself out of a plane may not be for everyone, but if you want to give this activity a go for the first time then Skydive Algarve is a great place to start.

Equally, the facilities at Skydive Algarve are also suitable for experienced skydivers looking to take part in events or join other enthusiasts in the region.

If you have never done any skydiving before then you can strap yourself to one of the many qualified staff and do a tandem jump, or take the sport to the next level by learning to become qualified yourself.

The facilities

Skydive Algarve is based at the aerodrome on the road to Alvor. The company has its own hangar which can be accessed through the airfield entrance.

Everything that you need to do a skydive is available from the company - all you have to do is turn up and be ready to jump!

The training

The staff are all multi-lingual, so there is no fear of an important aspect of the training being lost in translation. Before you get anywhere near a plane you will be guided through the entire procedure, including landing instructions and emergency protocol.

The staff are friendly yet professional and make you feel at ease about the jump, especially if it is your first time.

For anyone wanting to do more than just a tandem jump (a jump where you are strapped to a qualified skydiver) there are courses which culminate in qualification. Further details are available on request but it would be a good idea to just go down to the hangar and chat with the staff about all the finer points.

Why do you like it

Skydiving falls into the extreme sports category of activities, but that doesn't mean that this is an exclusive club - in fact it is far from it, with everyone involved being welcoming and friendly both to those doing the jump and family members and friends who have come for support. Everyone at Skydive Algarve is passionate about skydiving and their enthusiasm is infectious. Beware - you may end up strapping on a parachute yourself even if you have only gone along to watch!

Food and drink

The aerodrome has its own Sky café on site, frequented both by people using the airfield and members of the general public who pass by looking for a dish of the day.

The atmosphere here can be very lively, with visiting pilots, skydivers and airfield personnel all coming together, but don’t be put off if you are not a specialist - this is a very welcoming group who are happy to share their tales and adventures with an enthusiastic audience.

Need to know

When you book your skydive you have to be prepared for it to be cancelled at the last minute if the weather isn't good. Although the Algarve has great weather in general, during the winter months there are times when a jump cannot take place. It will then be rescheduled to happen at a later date to suit you, so if you are only here for a couple of weeks then save this for the summer to make sure you have the best chance of good weather.

Insider knowledge

If you only intend to do a jump once in your life then it is well worth paying the extra for a DVD. The jump is over before you know it so to relive the moment, a DVD is essential.

Remember to wear comfortable and suitable clothing - you need to be able to slip a suit over your clothes and still be able to move your limbs easily, whilst flat, sturdy trainers are recommended for the landing.

All jumps are from 14,000ft.


Skydive Algarve is based at the Portimão Municipal Aerodrome which is located on the road to Alvor.


Tandem Jump - €235

Tandem Jump (with external video and photos) - €335



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