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Sol Viegas Yoga

Name of company

Sol Viegas Yoga

Type of activity

Yoga classes and private tuition in Quinta do Lago run by Sol Viegas.

Sol also organises several workshops throughout the year - click HERE for more details.

What makes it special?

In her yoga classes, Sol combines Asanas (posture), Pranayama (breathing), Mantras (chanting), Kriyas (internal cleaning exercises) and Yoga Nidra (relaxation). The classes are active yet relaxed and fun, and offer you the chance to meet like-minded souls and make new friends.

In addition to being a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, Sol is also an ayurvedic therapist, Thai yoga massage therapist, physical education teacher, fitness instructor, and personal trainer, and can offer tuition in all of these disciplines, as well as private yoga instruction.


Sol Viegas Yoga Studio, between Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo, Algarve

The facilities/equipment

The studio is comfortable and heated/cooled depending on the time of the year, so you’re perfectly OK barefoot and wearing loose clothing or sportswear such as shorts, T-shirts, leotards, etc. And bring a towel and water if required.

You can bring your own yoga mat if you have one, but they are provided, along with auxiliary material like towels, belts, blocks, chairs, yoga blankets and bolsters to assist with your alignment and comfort.

The studio has 2 changing rooms, a bathroom with shower, a massage room and a social area, where an infusion/hot tea awaits you at the end of each class.

It also has a large practice room, garden access, a view of the woods and a pool, creating a very special and relaxing atmosphere.

The training?

The classes are aimed at all levels, from beginners to full-time yoga devotees. Sol makes sure everyone progresses at a pace they feel comfortable with, and has the rare ability to make complete novices feel they aren’t making a fool of themselves, and still pass on valuable tips, instruction and encouragement to those with more experience.

Why do you like it?

Sol is a very patient, hands-on teacher, always willing to help and show, rather than just tell. She seems to have eyes in the back of her head, and can see what each and every pupil is doing, all the time, coming over to put you right as and when you need it, and leaving you to your own devices if you’re OK.

The classes are for everyone, regardless of ability, experience, age, weight, fitness or sex. They’re a great way of getting into yoga if you’ve never thought about it before or been a little wary of trying, and the perfect motivation for regular yoga practitioners who like the camaraderie of numbers.

Insider knowledge

Sol has also trained in Integral Yoga, Raja Yoga (Yoga Philosophy) and Physical Education, and is constantly studying and developing her professional and spiritual knowledge, attending regular courses in Thailand, India, Spain and Portugal.

Born in Argentina, and now living in the Algarve for several years, Sol speaks fluent English and Portuguese as well as her native Spanish.

Limit of numbers

Each class usually takes around 8-10 people.


For dates and prices of communal classes, private tuition and workshops, see the website.



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