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Your Algarve Adventure

Name of company

Your Algarve Adventure

Type of activity

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

What makes it special?

It’s a great way to see the Ria Formosa nature reserve, and the exercise can be as easy or as tough as you feel like, depending on how fast you paddle. It’s also good for your sense of balance and great fun to be out on the water.

SUP is a combination of board riding and paddling, which makes it ideal if you’d like to get the feeling of surfing, but are a bit afraid of high waves.

Where do you participate in this activity?

In Fuseta, between Faro and Tavira.

The facilities

Your Algarve Adventure provides a board, a paddle and a dry bag for your towel, wallet or phone. You just need to bring your swimsuit, some sun cream and maybe some drinks and snacks depending on how long you’ll be SUPing. And a waterproof camera of course!

The training

Warning: it’s trickier than it looks. You start off on your knees until you get the hang of paddling and then slowly proceed to standing up on the board. Balance is key. Lessons are given by ASI-certified SUP instructors who tell you where exactly to stand and how to hold and manoeuvre your paddle.

If the conditions are good (no waves and no wind), then most people are able to SUP pretty soon and the fun can begin. Your Algarve Adventure also provides racing, freestyle and touring boards for more experienced paddlers.

Keep paddling if there are waves (for example if a boat passes). If you stop paddling, you’ll fall in for sure - you’ve been warned!

Also, when there are no waves, make sure to stop paddling for a bit, look around and take in the beauty of the Ria Formosa nature reserve.

When to go?

For beginners, try to aim for calm days when there are few waves and little wind.

Obviously take the water temperature into consideration, as there’s a high risk of falling in, especially on your first time.

Outside of the high season is a good time to go, as it isn’t that busy with boats and ferries.

Food options

A bottle of water is provided, but no food. In the summer season there are several beach bars on Armona Island (your destination) but they’re not open in winter.

In Fuseta there are plenty of cafes and restaurants which are open all year round.

Insider knowledge

Arrange a massage for the day after, as you will probably have aching muscles!

Your Algarve Adventure also offers kitesurfing and kayaking lessons and holidays.

Limit of numbers

There’s a minimum group size of two people.


Your Algarve Adventure’s address is Rua Magalhães Lima 22, Fuseta, although normally groups meet up at the Borda d’Agua café at Fuseta beach. There’s plenty of parking nearby (between the beach and the campsite).


Price per person is €25 for an hour of SUP basic.

An introductory/improver/intermediate lesson and tour is €40 per person for three hours. There’s a discount for group bookings.

Opening times

Normally SUP is possible all year round, but activity times naturally depend on the weather and the tide.

Reviewed by

Yayeri van Baarsen of Enjoy The Algarve - www.enjoythealgarve.com


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